More updates, what it’s like to not run for 2 weeks

Don’t let the title fool you, there’s nothing groundbreaking going on here. Just odds and ends, some more exciting than others:

I’m still on my running break

Or as I lovingly call it, “Burnout Rehab”. I’m now on Day 17 run-free, and I’m surprised by how normal it all feels. I guess it’s easy for me to say since I’m choosing not to run instead of being forced not to; I know I can go back any time I want and that I’m in complete control. But I don’t miss it or feel like I’m “losing my sanity” or whatever. I don’t even feel that sluggish or out of shape. I feel fine. Granted, it’s only been 2 weeks, so I probably just haven’t really lost much fitness yet.

I still think about running often and dream of how good it will feel when I’m just running, as slow as I want, with no end goal in mind and no fitness level to maintain, so I’m sure this knowledge that I’ll eventually return when I want to is what keeps me from feeling so anxious about not running (that and I really needed the break).

I thought about trying to start running again next week, but I think I need more time. I want to really crave and want to run again. I think that feeling is what will tell me I’m fully recovered and that I’m ready to truly run for the enjoyment of it. I’m not quite at that point, but I’m starting to look forward to it so I know it’s getting closer.

My race originally scheduled for this weekend is probably a no-go. I thought about switching to the 5K, but this race is about a half hour drive from my house and I don’t really want to make that trip just for a 5K I’m not in shape for. I am, however, planning to do the Milwaukee Running Festival next weekend. Not only is it only 3 miles from home but I really like that event and want to participate in it again this year. Assuming I don’t run before then, I think 4 weeks is a solid amount of time off, and I have to admit I’m intrigued and amused to see what 5K time I’ll manage after 4 weeks of no running.

I registered for Chicago!!!

Here we go, it’s happening! Unless for some reason my entry doesn’t get approved, I’m gonna be on the official athlete list for the 40th running of the Chicago Marathon! Of course now I’m going to spend the next week worrying that something was wrong with my application and I’ll get denied on a technicality, like the results link doesn’t work or something. All the amazing things I’ve heard about it better be true, and I better get there healthy because I’m about to be out 200 freaking dollars for a race. I’m pumped to run a World Marathon Major but holy overpricing batman!!

I’m rolling out my new blog next week!

Mark your calendars, 1 week from today will be my last post here and my first post on my new blog! I’ve decided on November 1st as the official launch date for my new blog, minimal marathoner (I previewed the blog in my last post, if you haven’t seen it yet). I’m starting to get the website ready and I’m really excited for my new blogging (and running!) journey to start soon. Hopefully that will be the day my Chi Marathon entry is confirmed, and it’s the first day of my favorite month, so what better day to blaze a new trail?

Anyone else running Chicago next year?

Have you ever rebranded or changed blogs?